Electrical Safety

Safety always has – and always will – come first.

E.G. Sawyer and TEGG Services conduct hazard evaluations before the start of every project. This way, we can identify potential safety hazards and their associated risks before we begin working. This not only helps to keep our staff safe from harm but yours as well.

As such, we conduct every analysis in line with OSHA and NFPA 70E Safety laws. That means that every TEGG technician has been formally trained and licensed in how to handle and protect themselves and others from these hazards.  In addition, E.G. Sawyer has implemented their own proprietary program in addition to TEGG’s that is designed to provide an elevated awareness of potential electrical hazards including lethal voltages, shock hazards, and arc flashes.

Regardless of your situation or project, each one of our technicians takes safety seriously and have been trained to deal with any potentially dangerous situation.

For further information on our programs and safety certifications, fill out our online contact form here to speak with a representative!