E.G. Sawyer

Creatively led. Strategically Driven. Technologically Friendly.

When electrical issues are complex and the risk is substantial, our customers need to know one thing: how to get it right. For over 150 years, E.G. Sawyer has been doing just that. We don’t just provide skilled electrical contracting and engineering services, we build certainty.

That starts by putting our customers first and taking a hands-on approach to our business; guiding our clients through every aspect of the project from pre-construction and design through to completion. Couple that with a deeply held belief in our people and their capabilities; a desire to build relationships based on trust and integrity – and you will understand what lies at the heart of who we are, and why we have been able to do it as long as we have.

While it is those values that have helped us over the years, it has also been our keen eye for the future and willingness to innovate that has kept us ahead of the pack. We take an interdisciplinary approach, blending practices of electrical design, engineering, and technology – to create modern electrical systems that not only power today, but tomorrow as well.

At the end of the day, what we do is simple: make the world a better place by delivering electrical solutions that are valuable, sustainable and difference-making. That’s what E.G. Sawyer is – and always will be – about. Come and see for yourself!

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