Wireless Networks

Wireless networking made simple.

Wireless networks are faster and easier to use than ever before. Whatever your needs may be, LCN is a fully certified and experienced team that can help you design, install and maintain your wireless network no matter how sophisticated the setting may be.

Moving to wireless can provide several, distinct advantages to your organization, including:

  • More flexibility for office configuration that can better accommodate growth and change
  • Reduced integration cost compared to wiring your office via traditional Ethernet
  • Allows for the implementation of mobile employees
  • Convenient information access that increases productivity
  • Can be used flexibly as a stand-alone solution or as a complement to your traditional wired network
  • And more!

LCN can help you design and implement your wireless experience because we have the means to help you maintain it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! With over 50 field technicians backed by a dispatch service fleet, we have the ability to not only solve your issue quickly but assist in maintaining your network over time to ensure that costly downtime is kept to a minimum.

Is your organization ready to upgrade to a wireless network? Contact our representatives today to learn more about our services!