Preventative Maintenance

Staying ahead so you don’t get stuck behind.

With the demands organizations are placing on their electrical systems today, it is become essential to have a preventative maintenance program in place. Not only can these programs prevent problems before they occur, but they greatly improve the dependability and lifespan of your electrical system.

E.G. Sawyer has partnered with TEGG Service to offer a combined preventative maintenance program that consists of routine inspections, tests, and services designed to significantly reduce the potential for unexpected downtime.

We offer a variety of Preventative Maintenance services, including:

  • Scheduled and Predictive Maintenance – Designed to continuously monitor and maintain your electrical system, our service takes it one step further – identifying potential problem areas in the future and devising a strategy to help mitigate the associated risks.
  • Infrared Thermography – IR technology allows us to find issues that cannot be seen with the naked eye during a routine inspection. These surveys are conducted on an annual basis as part of our program.
  • Ultrasonic Testing – This service allows us to detect defects during medium voltage partial discharge testing- such as arcing from loose connections, tracking, and corrosion that is neither visible nor audible to humans.
  • Transformer Oil Analysis –Transformers that have shorter lifespans fall victim to internal arcing or overheating as a result of dissolved gas. Our tests prevent unanticipated failure and allow for adequate time to find replacement parts. Conducting these tests can greatly increase the quality and lifespan of your transformers.
  • Standby Generator Maintenance – We can check your standby generators on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. From topping off fluids to intake/exhaust inspections, we thoroughly service your system so that you get the best out of your generator, engine and ATS equipment.
  • UPS & Battery Maintenance – We help you get the most out of your UPS system by performing regular maintenance checks and ensuring that the batteries that power it is working as they should. With proper maintenance, battery life can be predicted and part replacements scheduled without interrupting your operations.
  • Circuit Breaker Testing – Circuit Breakers are mechanical devices that are subject to deterioration due to wear, corrosion or contamination. In the event of an emergency, any one of these symptoms could cause the breaker not to trip and catastrophe could occur. We monitor your breakers to make sure that each and every one is performing their functions as intended, keeping you safe and preventing downtime.

Making sure you have a preventative maintenance program in place can reduce downtime, prevent accidents and potentially save lives. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form and we will help you keep your system up and running – and make sure it stays that way!